Upgrade to RFID-led technology will support Inotec’s UK growth and diversification

New environment to launch as “a showcase for RFID in action”

Leading European barcode and RFID* solutions specialist Inotec, which has a manufacturing plant in Germany and clients worldwide is upgrading its UK operations to support the company’s growth and diversification with the installation of an RFID asset management system from software and engineering company Red Ledge(*radio frequency identification)

Red Ledge - Inotec RFID tags - 300dpi res

The ‘Red Ledge RFID Asset Management System’ will track and manage the machinery, plant, people and other assets that Inotec uses to deliver a range of warehouse identification solutions, from health and safety line-marking to barcode identification of floor and racking locations. RFID needs no line of site to track an asset and so is 90% faster than its non-RFID equivalent, with near-100% accuracy, say Red Ledge.

Inotec’s new environment is also to launch as “a showcase for RFID in action”, the two companies announced today.  “We have a role and responsibility to convey the commercial benefits of RFID to commerce and industry” says Red Ledge managing director Andy O’Donnell. “Now, with the help of our client Inotec we can demonstrate those benefits”.

The global RFID market is forecast to grow at 22.4% per annum (CAGR) to 2018, according to Infiniti Research.

A Red Ledge warehouse management system with barcode technology is also being installed to support Inotec’s East Yorkshire-based UK warehousing operation, which stores and distributes the company’s German-manufactured, smart-label consumables for multiple industries.

“We chose Red Ledge for its robust and flexible systems, which will support our continuing growth and diversification” says Inotec sales director David Stocker. “Our future plans include UK-based manufacturing – another area in which Red Ledge has a proven track record.”

The Red Ledge RFID Asset Management System (AMS): background

The Red Ledge RFID AMS system can be scaled up to manage RFID-tagged assets at a global level and is now fully web-enabled, further increasing its mobility and ease of use say Red Ledge. It can be used remotely, in real time and searches out the cheapest method of connectivity for any handheld, GSM-enabled Windows device – including wireless, 3G, 4G and other networks. The Red Ledge RFID AMS is a fully managed system that not only checks the location of an asset but also tracks any scheduled and unscheduled asset maintenance for it, notifying problems and ensuring that personnel with the right skill set are sent to solve them. It provides a comprehensive audit trail for all tracked assets and can be integrated with all mainstream ERP and other enterprise systems.


Headquartered in West Yorkshire UK, Red Ledge was founded in 1996 and has150 clients worldwide. The company is a globally recognised specialist in RFID, barcode, voice and sensor technologies and uses its unique blend of application software and engineering skills to improve business processes in commerce, industry and government.

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