PromoLogistics Ltd

WarehouseBuyerPromoLogistics is a company that spends a lot of time, effort, planning in its general business and it has clearly afforded the same high level of focus to its application to become UKWA members. An exceptional inspection revealed that PromoLogistics has clear plans for its future centred on promotional campaign management and the provision of in-depth support to complex campaigns to ensure that its clients remain in control.

Fenland Haulage & Storage

Fenland is a growing family company that meets the requirements demanded by national blue chip company auditors while maintaining the personal touch that comes from a family owned business, which is the core of its success. Over the past 15 years, Fenland has used links with national companies both to shape its progress and to learn from, resulting in a very well run operation and first class facilities. It was one of the most impressive inspections that our UKWA inspector had conducted in a long time.

Eddie Stobart (ESL)

Eddie Stobart is a ‘superbrand’ in the logistics and warehousing sectors with a varied portfolio of multimodal transport, storage and handling services provided in the UK, Ireland and Europe. With 2400 units, over 3000 trailers and over 6 million square feet of warehousing ESL meets ambient and chilled warehousing requirements as well as controlling an inland ports operation and long running and successful Rail Freight services. On inspection the half-billion pound revenue company certainly lived up to its billing and continues to be a major force in the logistics world. Moreover, the company is keen to network with fellow UKWA members.