Packline Materials Handling has been designing and manufacturing lifting and handling equipment since 1993. The ‘Compac’ range of stainless steel materials handling equipment has established Packline as a leading supplier of quality roll and drum handling equipment for the food, drinks, dairy, pharmaceutical and medical processing industries worldwide.

Q-PallEvatorPackline’s vacuum lifters widen the range of handling solutions, enabling Packline to solve a wide range of lifting and handling problems for customers in all industries.

Packline is also a supplier of mild steel and stainless steel stacker trucks and high-lifters. The stackers come with the option for fork legs or a range of attachments, for reels, rolls, drums and barrels; to suit both warehouse and industrial needs.

Packline Materials Handling are able to provide bespoke lifting and handling solutions for materials handling issues involving rolls, reels and drums; by creating new concepts or tailoring existing lifting and handling equipment to meet specific requirements.

New to Packline, and expanding their range of warehouse handling equipment, is the ‘Q Systems’ ‘Pall-Evator’ pallet dispensing systems. Unlike most other types of dispensers the Q Pallet dispenser doesn’t require compressed air, only a power supply is needed. Therefore these pallet dispensers can be placed anywhere, the only requirement is a power point nearby.

The pallet dispenser automatically stacks or de-stacks one pallet at a time. One push on the control panel to from stacking to de-stacking mode. Also, it is possible to load or unload a whole stack of pallets at once.

These electric pallet dispensers are suitable for all pallet types.

The range of palletising systems include the standard ‘Pall-Evator’, the ‘Pall-Evator’ for 1/2-Euro pallets, the ‘Pall-Evator’ Double Deep to load or unload at once 2 stacks of pallets placed end to end; and the ‘Pall-Evator’ Tower. To complete the range, the Pallet Dispenser IN-LINE system is designed for integration into a conveyor system.

Electric pallet dispensers available for all pallet types. Benefits include:

• Optimised pallet flow

• Cost reduction on pallet handling

• Time saving per pallet

• Increased efficiency

• Less truck driving

• Improved indoor climate

• No manual pallet handling

• Improved working conditions


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