One-Way Trip


For FMCG customers, FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland offers a simple One-Way trip system compatible with their supply chains and one which fulfils today’s market needs for simplicity and quality. In the FMCG markets, brand owners, manufacturers and growers faced with a list of daily challenges don’t need to add pallets to their issues.

How it works – Four easy steps:

1. The customer orders the required number of high quality pallets on time and FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland delivers the right number to the customer (or the customer can collect if they prefer)

2. The customer then delivers their products on FHG pallets, ensuring not to lose them, to their own customers and informs FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland when and where the pallets have been shipped

3. FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland then collects the empty pallets

4. Once returned to an FHG IPP Logipal depot, the pallets are individually inspected against strict quality criteria and repaired if necessary. The cycle then begins again (see diagram).

FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland  Pallet Pooling Management:

1. Managing the pool of pallets to ensure 100 per cent availability

2. Operating depots that store, quality inspect and repair pallets

3. Arranging the delivery of pallets to customers or the collection from retailers

4. Liaising directly with retail points to ensure that empty pallets are collected

5. Controlling and auditing the adherence to strict FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland quality standards.

High quality pallets

Customers can count on FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland’s high quality pallets. Customers receive either new pallets directly from an approved manufacturer or pallets that have been quality inspected and repaired according to strict FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland standards.

Three other One-Way Trip services

In addition to its classic one-way trip system, FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland offers its customers three other services: Trade Direct, Closed Loop and Daily Rental. FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland designed these tailored services in order to meet its customers’ needs. All these services are simple and easy to use.

Trade Direct

Trade Direct is a service in which FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland delivers pallets directly from the last user, often a retail distribution centre, instead of from one of its own depots. These customers operate in a market sector in which high quality pallets are not required or monitor pallet quality themselves. FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland passes its savings onto its Trade Direct customers, which means that its customers pay a lot less for this service than for the classic service. Trade Direct is available in the UK and in the Benelux.

Closed Loop

Closed Loop is similar to Trade Direct. However, instead of FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland delivering the pallets, selected large customers can collect the pallets from the last user, such as a retail distribution centre. These Closed Loop customers benefit from an even lower price than Trade Direct customers.

Daily Rental

The Daily Rental system is primarily for use in closed loop environments where handling assets circulate without loss in a controlled environment or industry sector – often between production locations or within upstream supply chains. Customers can simply order high quality pallets and other handling assets directly from FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland or via its Daily Rental System. After using them in a supply chain, when a customer no longer needs them, the customer or one of its supply chain partners may return them to FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland and the rental ends. Should a pallet or other handling asset under rental need to be repaired, the customer simply exchanges it at an FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland depot free of charge for an inspected quality replacement.

FHG IPP Logipal Plus

Dry pallets

FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland’s new pallet specification includes a set maximum moisture content level and thereafter its normal pallets are naturally dried to an acceptable level for most of its customers. However, FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland is able to supply very dry pallets where a customer has a specific requirement.

Extra dry

If a customer’s process or product requires a specific low timber moisture content, FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland is able to provide this by using specific drying processes.

Heat treated

If a customer plans to use its packaging to ship to and from certain countries they may require heat treatment in accordance with International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) which sets out the need to treat wooden packaging materials used to ship products between certain countries. FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland can supply ISPM15 treated pallets to customers’ requirements.

Total care

Many FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland customers operate in fast moving environments where their focus is on their customers, service, brands and innovation. Pallets, while important, are not always top of mind. For these customers, FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland offers a total care package that ensures that they have a named support manager who will monitor their pallet movements and transactions to ensure that everything is progressing well and that pallets are well administered.

Total care includes detailed regular reporting and review meetings and issues alert and resolution. FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland does everything to make sure that providing and managing pallets within a supply chain does not detract from its customers focus on their own business.

For large customers,Total care cuts in from the point of planning the transition to using FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland to making sure that the process is well managed and simple using its extensive total pallet management experience and expertise.

SMART solutions

Renting pallets and other handling assets is at the core of what FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland offers. For many customers it is the perfect service. For some customers it’s also the basis upon which FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland can tailor the solution with some SMART add-ons to ensure that the service is delivered at the lowest possible cost or generates the lowest possible carbon footprint. Its where FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland can begin to add even more value for its customers.

IPP Logipal’s SMART approach

By working together with large customers, FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland carefully analyses its customers’ supply chain to find ways to collaborate with customers and to suggest initiatives to reduce costs. In doing this FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland goes beyond traditional pallet rental.


Three SMART FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland solutions:

In-house depots

For some customers, setting up FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland depot activities on or very near to a customer’s site is an ideal solution that facilitates transport collaboration and reduces transport running costs and carbon emissions.

Transport Collaboration

Goals such as reducing supply chain costs and CO2 emissions come into play where transport is concerned. FHG IPP Logipal UK & Ireland can work together with a customer to increase utilisation of its transport fleet (or even its outsourced or supplier’s fleet) by delivering or collecting pallets using otherwise excess or sub-optimal capacity. This creates added value by having a collaborative mindset.


An innovative paper pallet also usable as a display item that not only comes into its own in the last 50 metres of the FMCG supply chain but also has many benefits for export and in particular industries.

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