For the past 35 years Ted Head the Managing Director of Casting Support Systems has through his companies been involved in the design and manufacture of tooling for many industry sectors including injection moulding. More than a decade ago he decided along with his other directors that they needed their own range of products and a brand to sell them under. After investigating many avenues they decided that the returnable packaging sector was the one for them, and so the first Versatote, a 32L ALC, was designed and launched into the market with great success.

60The idea behind the Versatote range was to manufacture the very highest quality durable totes of bespoke design to end users primarily with automated warehousing systems. The route to manufacturing high quality tote bins involves intelligent design using the latest design and FEI software. As well as making sure that materials are tested for suitability and are of the very highest standards from trusted suppliers, it also involves having tightly controlled manufacturing processes, something that has resulted in the CSS group of companies attaining ISO 9001 AS100 rev C accreditation.

Fast forward to the present day and the range of tote bins provided by CSS through the Versatote brand is ever increasing, having launched two new totes already this year and with more to come. The philosophy has changed only slightly in the intervening years in that CSS not only designs and manufactures bespoke totes but also totes that interact perfectly with industry standard tote bins that are already in the field.

It has been a year of change at CSS. Not only has it launched new products, it has also launched a new website so that customers can now find the right tote for them as simply and as easily as possible. CSS has also brought in more expertise in sales and product development with a new product development manager who brings with him over 25 years of industry experience.

The first of the two products launched this year was the 55L LE ALC tote with the dimensions 600 X 400 X 300mm that is compatible with many existing totes in the field and some notable contract wins have already been made displacing existing suppliers offerings.

The second tote launched this year was a 50L stacknest tote, a size of tote used widely in the health care logistics sector.

If you require any further information on either bespoke designs or our existing range do hesitate to contact us either through our website or by telephone.

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