Many organisations are under intense pressure to reduce costs, meet tighter delivery targets, increase efficiency and cut inventories. Paying attention to warehouse storage systems and making sure they are optimised can be a part of achieving these goals.

Matt-Grierson-MD-DexionBusinesses need to start by agreeing the business benefits they want to access in the reassessment of their storage systems. The approach they then take will depend on this.

Saving space

One of the business drivers for installing a new storage system is saving space. When a warehouse reaches capacity, a business could choose to move or extend its premises to accommodate more stock. However these are often expensive options that present a whole host of challenges – where to locate the new warehouse, how to get planning permission, who staffs it are amongst the questions that need to be asked.

Well-planned storage can help save space, and ultimately time and money. With less floor space required for a given number of pallets, businesses can hold the most stock possible in the space available. Mobile racking can be particularly effective for addressing this challenge as the moving bases mean that only one aisle is required to service the row of racks.

Making processes faster

Speeding up processes can also be an incentive for businesses to reconsider their storage. That old adage of ‘time is money’ rings true here; a more effective approach to picking can save significant amounts of money.

Automated storage machines can assist with speeding up the picking process, and can also help with challenges around saving storage space. By installing a machine that can transport goods from their location to a collection point, businesses will save time and staff resource spent physically navigating the warehouse.

Staying safe

Today’s businesses have to meet stringent compliance guidelines and demonstrate commitment to health and safety.

The daily moving of goods is likely to cause some knocks and damage to a storage system. In the long run, these minor defects can change the capacity of shelving or pallet racking and lead to incidents that could possibly cause damage to both man and material.

Storage-Machine-Tornado_1Regular inspections will minimise the frequency and effect of these incidents by identifying crucial damage at an early stage.


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