Welcome to the March 1st Warehouse & Logistics News. In this issue we have features on pallets, warehouse lighting and warehouse IT, and an exclusive interview with Howard Wigham, Managing Director, CHEP UK.

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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock or on another planet for the last few weeks, this month sees the IMHX 2013 show taking place at the NEC, with more than 400 exhibitors and over 20,000 logistics professionals together in one place, taking a close up look at what’s on offer from suppliers around the world.

We’ll be publishing our main IMHX Exhibition Preview with our next issue, dated March 15th. But first, to give you a taste of what’s coming up at the show, to coincide with this issue we’re publishing our IMHX Exhibitor Focus supplement. In it we take an in-depth look at a selection of the companies, from major multinational corporates to independent specialists and local distributors, who will be leading the parade at the NEC.

Back to this issue, and in our special features our Pallet Focus includes wood and plastic pallets, suppliers, pallet pools, pallet management, pallet inverters and all other products. ‘Warehouse Lighting’ takes in Smart lighting solutions for today’s warehouses including LED, energy-efficient, long-life and sensor- activated systems. And ‘Warehouse IT’ looks at RFID, barcodes, readers, scanners, labels and handheld technology.

Turning to our exclusive interview, most people in the UK warehousing and logistics industry will be familiar with CHEP as the leading provider of pallet, container and crate pooling services. But as CHEP’s UK MD Howard Wigham explains, globally it’s also the pallet provider for many of the world’s largest supply chains. With over 500,000 collection and delivery points globally, more than 3 million loads are shipped on CHEP pallets every day.

From the smallest to the largest global FMCG companies, CHEP helps customers systematically reduce their total packaging-driven supply chain costs. And as Howard explains, they provide another important benefit – they also help their customers to reduce their environmental impact. In Europe, their pallet pool reduces timber usage by more than 2 million trees each year. CHEP is the world’s first pooling company to achieve both FSC and PEFC multisite certification, which means all wood used in their pallets is sustainably sourced. And their UK operation has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard by measuring, managing and reducing its carbon emissions.

Have a successful month.