34275 Getting maximum productivity from forklift trucks with minimum energy wastage can be a major challenge, so HOPPECKE Industrial Batteries will be using Olympic technology at IMHX 2013 to demonstrate the importance of managing precious energy resources.

Making a powerful energy connection between truck batteries and the human body, the company will invite visitors to its stand to take a personal approach to energy management by taking part in the ‘extra mile’ challenge.

This will involve carrying out a timed activity on a state-of-the-art Wattbike sports training bike, endorsed by British Cycling and used by many Olympic athletes, including heptathlon star Jessica Ennis. The bike measures 42 parameters 100 times a second, including the rider’s heart rate and maximum power output in Watts. A free personal chart showing the individual’s performance output will then be produced, taking into account their weight and age, and their name will be added to a Top Gear style leader board, encouraging them to challenge not just themselves but their friends and colleagues as well.

At the same time, the visitor will be given some personal energy management advice, including some key pointers to achieving their own optimal performance. Efficient charging, a good maintenance regime and topping up all keep a battery operating at peak performance and so after the challenge visitors will be invited to ‘recharge their batteries’ and top up their own personal energy at HOPPECKE’s themed refuelling bar.

34276Says David Millett, UK Sales & Operations Director of HOPPECKE Industrial Batteries: “The aim of the challenge is to help visitors think of their own body as a metaphor for a forklift truck battery, a reliable source of energy which will perform wonders if taken care of properly. The key message is that in managing your energy well you can improve your performance much more than you ever thought possible.”

Also on the stand will be a display of the renowned trak® air batteries and chargers from the extensive HOPPECKE range. A striking ‘before and after’ comparison will clearly illustrate the significant differences between a battery that has not been well treated and maintained and one that has.

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