_V5D8764_Original (2)Woodway UK are a leading, independent supplier of packaging materials in the UK. What makes us different is our approach and structure, which is designed with flexibility and satisfaction in mind. With experience in eCommerce, 3PL, retail and manufacturing, our team are experts in the packaging markets enabling them to offer a collaborative approach. Whether on brand reinforcement, protection of product, environmental consideration or cost savings through improved processes, we work with our customers to ensure that their experience is exceptional, from first contact to delivery of product.

Inspire Through Innovation

Woodway have a dedicated Technical Services Team to find a ‘best fit’ packaging solution. This often requires specific design and innovation to maximise protection whilst minimising waste. Several of Woodway’s bespoke designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Office.

_40Q0260_OriginalIn order to assess the packaging requirements of a specific product, the Technical Team understand the supply chain through end-to-end evaluation of all the ‘touch points’ a product goes through before reaching the end-user.

Our in-house Technical Service Team is supported by our on-site manufacturing which enables quick turnaround of samples and bespoke small runs.

Managing Costs, Providing Value

Woodway’s Purchasing Team ensure cost stability and they have long-lasting relationships with global sourcing partners to ensure the best price for the most suitable product. As part of the auditing process the Sales and Technical Teams also look at alternative products which may yield lower costs either directly or indirectly through space saving, operative time and shipping costs.

Environment – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Woodway UK are FSC accredited and hold the ISO14001 environmental standard.  As a company we take seriously our responsibility to the environment and our impact on it. This extends to understanding customers’ own CSR values and objectives and helping them adhere to their environmental credentials through the products they are supplied with. We work closely with our global supplier partners to provide recycled, recyclable and reusable products where available and our customer audits evaluate packaging waste reduction.

Supporting Processes

As the market develops, the logistics of processing has seen an increase in automation. We work closely to provide support, whether by supplying new packaging machinery to speed up the processes, or providing products appropriate for the logistical and packing methods used.  Our supplier partnerships ensure we are aware of the latest products and technological developments enabling customers to make informed decisions for their packaging strategies.

Contact Us

Call our team on 01604 813044 or visit our website www.woodwayuk.com

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