On April 23rd 2013 Man and Machine will be holding a webinar on Digital Design for Industrial Machinery with a direct focus on Design Automation.


Man and Machine is uniquely positioned to address the most pervasive challenges that Industrial Manufacturers face today these include; meeting customer delivery schedules, managing change, product complexity and developing timely and accurate bids. This webinar aims to show how strategic improvements to processes, enabled with Autodesk technology will result in winning more business, leading in new product development, and growing overall revenue and profitability.M+M-logo

Run by our in house technical consultants the webinar will look at building a model using Digital Prototyping and Autodesk®Product Design Suite. Software like Autodesk® Inventor which provides a single digital model that is assessed and utilised by the various disciplines and departments involved in the product development process. This single source helps to ensure that data loss is minimised or eliminated and as changes are made the data is automatically and simultaneously updated. Other software that will be demonstrated includes SketchBook, AutoCAD, Showcase and Factory Design Suite.

The technical consultants will also be available for a Q&A session after the webinar has taken place. Register for the webinar and discover how a best-in-class product development process can help you lead in new product innovation. You can register now at www.manandmachine.co.uk/events.