Choosing a flooring product for an industrial environment can create problems for both the customer and the installer if all aspects of the area where the flooring is to be installed are not taken into account. Incorrectly specifying a flooring system for industrial areas such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and workshops can lead to unnecessary loss in valuable time and money for all those involved in the project.

Resin floors are a popular choice for warehouse managers and other industrial environment facility managers and RSL use their knowledge to guide specifiers and contractors to the advantages of using resin.

Both epoxy and polyurethane resin products are ideal for a variety of industrial requirements from light foot-fall traffic to heavy duty usage including fork-lift trucks and the movement of heavy loads.

Ivy Wroe Director at RSL said “With a large quantity of our sales being to the industrial sector we have vast experience of specifying flooring for these environments and our team understand the features which the end user expects from a floor. We have received a great deal of positive feedback from our customers who are pleased that the flooring we provided is a longer lasting solution to traditional paints, saving them time and money.”

Health & safety regulations are an important factor to be considered within industrial environments and the flooring can be a main contributor to making sure the area is safe for workers. Most resin systems provide a seamless surface meaning that there are no joints which may become lose and result in a trip hazard. The majority of RSL’s products can incorporate a slip-resistant finish through the introduction of a variety of aggregates, which is a popular choice for areas where slip resistance is required.

RSL often recommend their epoxy coating, Resucoat HB for use in industrial environments it provides a tough, resilient surface which due to both its thickness of 200 to 300 microns and chemical/abrasion resistant properties, will protect and provide a dust free finish for a number of years.

Another popular product is Resuseal WB, a water based epoxy coating system which provides a curing membrane to increase the hardness of concrete by enabling full hydration of cement. Floors become easier to clean and substantially more resistant to damage by forklift trucks. Resuseal WB also provides excellent resistance to light chemical attack and does not support fungus or bacterial growth.

Ivy further comments “We have successfully supplied our products for a wide variety of large and small projects which include King Sturge, Lindabs, Tenmat, Thorn Lighting , BAE Systems and Freudenburg and we are happy to provide advice to anyone who is unsure of what flooring they should use for their industrial project.”

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