bild_3_der_ek-xSTILL GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, announces the launch of the next generation vertical order picker – the EK-X.

The new truck boasts the narrowest working aisle widths available in its class and is available in load capacities of up to 1,000 kg. This makes it perfectly suited to retail, production and logistics service providers, as well as warehouses with limited space. The new model replaces the outgoing EK 10 series – itself a successful model – and comes with the future oriented control system, OPTISPEED, for safe manoeuvring at all lift heights up to a maximum picking height of 6,350 millimetres.

User friendly spacious workspace

Order pickers are crucial for collecting individual items and placing them on pallets ready for shipping. The EK-X comes with a large workspace for the operator to work from and a unique control concept with state-of-the-art sensor technology for two-handed operation. All controls are arranged clearly and logically for easy use and the fully electric steering allows precise positioning of the truck at the picking position, or for stacking pallets.

The picking railing, available with the option of auxiliary lift, has a short reach enabling the operator to stand closer to the pallet. This gives a more comfortable picking position and increased efficiency.

The middle section of the floor mat is upholstered to minimise vibrations, reducing stress to the operator’s spinal column, whilst the left and right hand edges of the floor are covered in sturdy material for greater stability when the operator is picking.

Large storage compartments and a bottle holder below the control panel complete the comfortable workspace.

High speed, high safety: OPTISPEED from STILL

In the EK-X, STILL uses the future oriented control concept, OPTISPEED. This intelligent program is used to automatically control the speed depending on the actual lift height. Curve speed control is also available as an option and automatically reduces the speed of the truck depending on the steering angle. OPTISPEED not only protects the driver, but optimises the movements of the truck inside the aisle, thus the system notably speeds up all order picking jobs and guarantees higher efficiency in the warehouse.

Modular design fulfils customer requirements

The modular design of the EK-X accommodates individual customer requirements. For example, the truck’s dimensions and performance capacities are scalable, resulting in a truck that perfectly matches the warehouse. The following components can be scaled according to the respective application: lift motor capacities, cab dimensions, frame widths, overhead guard heights, lift masts (single or telescopic lift masts available) and different battery capacities can all be selected to suit.

STILL also offers a broad range of optional equipment. For example, the EK-X can be upgraded for cold storage or anti-static applications, driver’s cabs can be equipped with a third front barrier to provide access to a walk-on pallet, various fork carriages are available, as well as guidance systems with lateral guide rollers for operation in narrow aisles applications.

There are also numerous options for system related applications, including: different access control systems (key switch, PIN code key pad or FleetManager with data cards); STILL Materialflow Management System with data terminal, scanner and printer; automatic end-of-aisle braking and automatic aisle recognition.

High availability for value adding intralogistics

Powerful maintenance-free 24 volt AC drive motors permit high turnaround whilst ensuring constant availability. The chassis is made of torsion resistant steel and is available in two frame widths – for warehouses with little space, a narrow frame width of just 790 millimetres is available. The overhead guard is also available in two heights. The EK-X is available with battery capacities of up to 930 ampere hours – recommended for multi-shift operation. The battery can be changed by hoist (for single lift masts) or with roller track and changing frame from either side.

The EK-X reacts sensitively to control inputs and moves dynamically, regardless of the load it is carrying. Wear-free energy recovery braking reduces power consumption, whilst a redundant two-channel steering system provides maximum safety. STILL’s Online-X-Module is available as an option and enables quick and efficient remote diagnostics or service support. Altogether, this greatly facilitates servicing of the EK-X, minimizing maintenance costs.

Tel: 0800 378 875


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