pr_curvetrack_fraportCaljan Rite-Hite’s 90° belt curve, CurveTrack, is a vital component in the 70 km baggage handling conveyor network at Frankfurt airport in Germany. As with any other business, the intralogistic system plays a crucial part in achieving optimum effectivity, so it is imperative that all components are reliable and service-friendly. Mr. Christoph Sturm, Project Manager at Fraport AG who operates the airport affirms “Our experience is positive, Caljan CurveTrack is very convincing.”

When selecting a supplier, Fraport specify that all components must have an expected lifetime of 50,000 under normal operation conditions. Service-friendly components are preferred.

The challenges of baggage handling are similar to other industries, although suitcases are of various shapes and sizes, soft backpacks have straps and fasteners and uglies such as baby buggies often have sharp angles. Mr Sturm explains “Down-time is usually due to parts of baggage being caught or trapped in pulleys and transmissions. Conveyor belts, the beading in particular, may become worn or damaged and debris may be drawn into the belt guiding system.”

The one-piece belt retainers used in Caljan CurveTrack lock the conveyor belt firmly into place during operation. This prevents the belt becoming displaced from the supporting rollers and keeps its movement precise and uniform, even at high speeds.

Mr. Sturm outlines some of the service advantages; “We can see that the design of the belt guidance system means that dust and debris doesn’t build up around the belt retainers. The unique concept – in particular the way in which the beading is attached to the belt – gives our service technicians some key benefits. Changing essential parts, e.g. the belt or the drum, appears to be faster than with other conveyor types as there is no need to disassemble single parts.”

The beading, which is sewn onto the belt, has a unique sandwich effect that makes it exceptionally strong, ensuring that it doesn’t snap off or crack. The belt itself can be replaced extremely quickly, reducing down-time to just a few minutes.

Ease of installation and service has been a driving element in the design of Caljan CurveTrack. Modularity provides maximum flexibility, easy installation & maintenance and simplified service training – regardless of how many sizes are installed on site. Supports and legs can be positioned as required and extras can simply be fitted to the extruded profile, making Caljan CurveTrack belt conveyors easy to integrate in existing applications.

Fraport AG is responsible for operating Frankfurt Airport, one of the world’s most important air transportation hubs. Frankfurt Airport is the second largest Freight Terminal in Europe transporting more than 2 million metric tons each year. With more than 53 million passengers in 2008, FRA is the eighth largest passenger airport in the world.

The international significance of FRA airport is primarily due to its hub function and its ability to bundle traffic. This is reflected by its 54% share of transfer traffic. In comparison, London Heathrow (LHR) has only 35%. Frankfurt Airport has approx. 70 km conveying systems handling around 40 million pieces of baggage per year.

In addition to airport planning, design, operation, retailing and airport management, Fraport AG also manage information technology, environment and safety.

Caljan Rite-Hite is part of Rite-Hite Holding. It maintains more than 30 different representative organizations at over 100 locations throughout Asia, North and South America and has European subsidiaries in the Benelux, Germany, France, UK, Latvia and Denmark.

During the last 40 years, Caljan Rite-Hite has become firmly established as world leader designing, manufacturing and installing loading and unloading solutions in parcel distribution centres, warehouses and storage facilities throughout the world.

Our product programme comprises telescopic belt and roller conveyors, belt curves, data capture equipment and dock equipment such as vehicle restraints. Various options, e.g. Vaculex ParceLift™ enable us to adapt the solution to suit your precise requirements.

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