editorial_support_picture_ardentWith so many economic forces and forecasts hampering business operations, companies are now being required to monitor their costs more carefully, especially energy usage.

At Wetherby Building Products, based in Dalton, North Yorkshire a solution was required to maintain their working temperature and reduce their energy consumption in their production warehouse. Klimate High Speed Doors, a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of high speed doors based in the UK, were given the opportunity to install four Ardent high speed doors, to help reduce Wetherby’s energy consumption.

Having a constant flow of traffic entering and leaving the warehouse, Mike Brier at Wetherby realised that “with today’s needs to assist in maintaining a reasonable level of energy consumption, we needed to have a product that could maintain a constant working temperature and keep our energy loss to a minimum, especially through our busiest area of production, which is a key priority. The product had to be durable, reliable and of a high quality”.

“With adjustable opening and closing speeds of up to 2 metres per second, the Ardent door has enabled Wetherby to generate major improvements in both energy management, working temperature conditions and to maximise efficiency in production areas” comments Chris Halsall from Klimate.

The Ardent range of doors provides valuable energy savings by minimising heat loss, with the additional benefit of low maintenance costs.  Due to the simplistic nature of the door and the fact that Klimate engineers are able to train the customer’s own maintenance personnel on the workings of the door, any minimal maintenance work can be quickly and easily undertaken in-house, drastically reducing on-going maintenance costs.

Wetherby manufactures and supplies cement-based construction products for DIY chains, government departments and high street household names. Their production facility in Dalton has now been enhanced with the addition of the high speed doors.

“Having chosen Klimate for installing the high speed doors, we have found the products to be of a high quality and we have not been disappointed. From initial enquiry to the installation Klimate provided a professional service,” comments Mike Brier.

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