plasticum1Injection moulding specialist Plasticum has switched to a fleet of three AC electric  powered Aisle-Master articulated forklifts to look after all handling and storage procedures at its UK production facility near Norwich.

The Plasticum Group, which has its HQ in Holland, is one of the top global suppliers of plastic packaging solutions.

The Norfolk operation manufactures mainly closures and overcaps for a range of personal care and hygiene products, and 80% of its output goes to UK customers. With 3,200 pallet spaces and an average of 1,000 pallet movements per day, the company cannot afford costly downtime of handling equipment, and since the Aisle-Masters have been in operation they have been working on an intense 24/5 basis to cope with Plasticum’s growing business.

When the decision was made to change the forklift fleet, Logistics Manager Mark  Burrage consulted local handling specialist Impact Handling and trialled a variety of trucks. The Aisle-Master proved to be the preferred choice for both management and the team of drivers on a number of counts. Easy operation, good visibility and excellent manoeuvrability make for a comfortable working environment for drivers. The powerful 930 amp battery fitted to the AC 20SE model copes easily with a steep slope leading from the manufacturing facility to the warehouse, eliminating the need to have one gas truck specifically for this area as was previously the case. In terms of cost and time, working with just one power source is a much more convenient option.

Aisle-Master’s Steve Surridge did a site survey, and agreed a deal to keep the demo truck on a short term basis to ensure cover for any downtime of the old fleet whilst Plasticum’s order was manufactured. Since taking delivery of the three new trucks, Mark has been very happy to “leave them to reliably get on with their work”. The trucks are used throughout the complete manufacturing process at Plasticum, both inside and out. They offload raw materials – palletised boxes and bags of polymer and dry goods, in the yard, and transport finished product from the manufacturing area up the slope to warehouse. In the interim, they store the pallets in racking to a height of 5.3m. The AC technology incorporated into the electric Aisle-Master models also ensures excellent battery efficiency throughout shifts, smoother operation due to immediate response to controls and improved energy consumption.

“Having a handling system we can completely rely on is essential for the smooth running of our business and future growth” explains Mark, “and thanks to the Aisle-Masters, this is now in place.”

Aisle-Masters can work in aisles of just 1.75m, with capacities of up to 2.5 tonnes and lift heights of up to 12.5 metres, and LPG models are also available. The trucks are all designed and built at the company’s dedicated production facility in Monaghan, Ireland, ensuring a top quality product. Aisle-Master design engineers also offer a site visit and warehouse layout service and supply free layout proposals illustrating how to maximise the use of available storage space.

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