work-picsWood waste Recycling Ltd have been recycling for over 30 years now, and have a clear passion for the environment. In these difficult financial times Wood Waste Recycling, in Birmingham, wants to encourage recycling, making businesses aware that it is an expense of the past.

They have developed a new scheme where they are offering FOC site clearances of all wood waste when you are supplied with pallets, thus abolishing all other skip hire and waste management charges. Not only will this new scheme be saving customers money, but, by tying in pallet deliveries with site clearances, we are reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment further.

Carly Tropman who is promoting the scheme comments “ We want to offer the best and most cost effective service to our customers in this difficult time, by getting the word out about our FOC site clearance we hope we can all work together to recycle.”

Whether you are accumulating large or small amounts of wood waste, Wood Waste Recycling can accommodate your needs, to help reduce the pinch in the credit crunch.

Wood Waste Recycling Ltd is a family run Birmingham based company and has been in the recycling business for over 30 years. It is one of the only Wood Recycling companies in its area to be fully licensed by the environmental agency.

Wood waste recycling offers a collection of wood waste and a supply of pallets. Working with clients such as Jaguar and Toyota the service offered is never second best.

Wood Waste Recycling Ltd
Carly Tropman
Tel: 07977852061


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