erica-welcomeNew web portal available for customers to upload movement data. Equipment Tracking Ltd are pleased to announce the use of their ERICA (Equipment Reconciliation and Invoice Control Application) software by Bakers BASCO Ltd. Bakers BASCO manage one of the UK’s largest private equipment pools with 2 million baskets in circulation to over 12000 delivery locations. Equipment Tracking provided BASCO with a fully hosted solution that consolidates usage information from 12 separate companies, to accurately track millions of equipment movements each week. ERICA generates invoices for equipment usage, and provides BASCO with live equipment balances throughout the pool, helping identify equipment surpluses and reduce equipment loss.

Paul Taylor, BASCO’s general manager said “In order to meet our objectives to provide our customers with an equipment pool at minimum costs we implemented the use of the ERICA software. This gives our customers a simple method to declare their despatches and gives us the ability to track the movements in real time. Using the software we are able to quickly identify locations with surplus baskets and collect them before they are made available for abuse. ERICA software also generates all of our invoices giving us a single software solution to reconcile, invoice and control our baskets.”

Bakers Basco Limited are a business who provide and manage an industry wide equipment solution. The Omega Bread Basket and Dolly were designed to provide benefits to plant bakers and retailers alike.

Basco aims to manage it’s equipment pool at minimum cost to the benefit of all participants and third parties.

equipment-tracking-logoEquipment Tracking Ltd., are a business who provide specialist software and management services to the Logistics industry. They provide the UK’s most sophisticated all inclusive equipment management management applications ERICA and MPC, which can be provided as a fully hosted stand alone solution, and can be backed up by our extensive management options.

For more information on Equipment Tracking software and services please contact:

Eva Groszek on 01745 584459 or by email to

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