nozone2Briggs Equipment, the UK’s national Cat® Lift Truck distributor and service provider, has launched the new Cat low level order picker. The product introduces innovative features, awarding operators with optimum comfort and safety to increase productivity and performance.

The NO20NE is a completely new model and has been designed to increase productivity rates in the warehouse. The truck’s designers have researched how operators use the trucks in order to improve ergonomics. The restyling of the body sees rounded corner edges, compact construction of the drive unit and new position of the battery, creating a more spacious driver compartment for easier and safer access on and off the truck.

In addition, the truck’s distinctive multifunctional steering wheel allows both steering and speed to be controlled with one hand, providing easy access to all other functions. This ensures better response and precision throughout the driving range. An added perk is the sports style steering wheel which affords operators an enjoyable driving experience.

The NO20NE includes a high performance AC drive system that offers swift acceleration and automatic speed reduction in curves, improving efficiency rates by 20% and offering optimum driver safety.

“Operators have a large influence on the decision making process when it comes to buying warehouse trucks.” says Tony Rooney, Sales and Marketing Director at Briggs. “They spend a significant amount of time using the equipment and if they are not comfortable, safe and don’t enjoy driving the trucks, this can have a big impact on productivity. We are very pleased with this new addition to the Cat warehouse range. It will ensure operator safety as well as improving our customer’s operations.”

Additional features to the NO20NE include bright white LED front lights with an efficiency rate lasting longer than conventional lights. The new indicator application allows better safety in areas with poor lighting conditions. The keyless PIN Code access allows operators to have their own individual custom settings to suit their working needs in and around the warehouse.

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