thermo-logo.jpgThermo King will be exhibiting a selection of its latest product range at the IAA, the international motor show in Hannover, Germany from 25th September – 2nd October 2008. Thermo King is present with two exhibition stands at the show – stand B15 in Hall 27 will be dedicated to the company’s Truck and Trailer refrigeration solutions and stand B09 in Hall 11 will feature Thermo King’s HVAC product range for buses and coaches.
Truck and Trailer Refrigeration News – stand B15, hall 27

SLX in the spotlight
On show at the IAA will be the recently launched SLX range for trailer refrigeration. Renowned for delivering outstanding performance and minimising environmental impact, the SLX unit has been exceptionally well received within the industry since its launch in November of last year and has generated impressive feedback from operators. Sales of the new SLX range continue to outperform the market, due to the impressive results reported from extensive tests and trials, including a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, 20% less fuel and 50% less noise pollution.

Thermo King displays new Cryogenics refrigeration unit at IAA
Unveiled at the IAA show will be the Green CryoTech patented cooling system, which uses recycled liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) as a coolant. The development of this technology into a viable product range allows customers to minimise their environmental impact (noise, emissions and carbon footprint), whilst being able to benefit from innovative improved temperature control.

Cryogenic systems give Thermo King customers better cooling capacity as the liquid carbon dioxide provides large cooling capacity instantly. Thermo King has developed two Green CryoTech cryogenic systems, the CO2 Hybrid, which can be fitted to a conventional diesel-powered truck cooling system to supplement the pull-down capability and the ST-CR which provides solutions for both single and multi temperature truck operations.

New V100 on display
Thermo King has recently launched the latest addition to the V-100 product range. The V-100 20 uses the same platform as the B-100, the smallest platform on the market, and comes with a standby option (220 Volts – 50 Hz), heating option and an ultra-slim evaporator. Using an R134a or R404A, the V-100 20 offers the highest capacity for the smallest measurements. With the V-100 20, the V-100 product range now offers a full range of units all with options for direct drive applications on small vans.
Thermo King voted best brand for the fourth year in a row

Thermo King has achieved a record fourth year win in ‘The Best Brands of 2008′ readers’ poll in the trade magazines Lastauto Omnibus, Fernfahrer and Trans Aktuell. After being awarded first place in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Germany’s commercial vehicle professionals have again voted Thermo King top brand in the ‘Refrigeration Units’ category.
TracKing fleet management system on show at IAA

Since its launch Thermo King has strived to ensure that TracKing becomes the market leader in managing the cold chain by consistently listening to its customers to ensure the system delivers operational efficiencies. Having addressed its customers’ temperature management needs, Thermo King is now poised to demonstrate the next generation TracKing fleet management system at the IAA Show, which goes beyond the cold chain to vehicle and driver management.

The new fleet management system will interface with the vehicle CAN BUS to provide information on fuel consumption, driving behaviour, engine performance and vehicle emissions. It will provide fleet managers with a dashboard of cost critical information by trip, by driver and by vehicle allowing them to quickly gauge the productivity of their fleets.

HVAC News – Stand B09, hall 11

New additions to the Athenia range
Following on from the highly successful launch of the global rooftop HVAC system, Athenia, in 2004 Thermo King has added two new products to the range – Athenia D and Athenia E 800. The Athenia product range features an excellent capacity/weight ratio and has one of the lowest-weight units in the market. Users benefit from reduced fuel costs and installation time.

  • Athenia D is the latest unit with an integrated Driver Frontbox which is roof mounted and offers improved air quality for drivers due to the location of the air-intake.
  • Athenia E800 is the latest unit within the range designed specifically for electrical trolley and hybrid buses. The pre-charged (R407C) unit offers the latest in environmentally friendly HVAC technology, featuring a hermetic compressor and due to the reduction in refrigeration lines, less leakage.