2e1.jpgWith contract hire now becoming a more attractive and popular option for the acquisition of both light and heavier weight trucks, leading manufacturer Isuzu Truck (UK) Limited has recently relaunched Isuzu Truck Contract Hire, its contract hire solution for the company’s new range of ‘Grafter’ and ‘Forward’ trucks. As part of the relaunch, Isuzu Truck has joined forces with a new contract hire partner – Artegy Limited, which is part of BNP Paribas, one of the world’s largest financial institutions and active in the UK market for over 20 years. Under the banner of Isuzu Truck Contract Hire, Artegy will manage all the contract hire agreements arranged by Isuzu Truck UK and its 64 strong dealer network.

According to Nigel Schroder, Finance Director at Isuzu Truck UK, “Contract Hire has become more popular in recent times, even at the lighter end of the market. But it is of far more importance to operators of vehicles above 7.5 tonnes GVW. So the timing of the Isuzu Truck Contract Hire relaunch falls into line with our recent significant product expansion plans that saw the introduction of 27 new models in a new truck range that now goes all the way up to 18 tonnes.”

Isuzu Truck Contract Hire can be contacted directly on 0845 6032819.

Following the signing of the co-operation agreement between Isuzu Truck UK and Artegy, Ronny Seidel, Artegy’s Managing Director and Head of Transport Market at BNP Paribas Lease Group UK said, “We are extremely pleased to be working so closely with Isuzu Truck UK on this exciting contract hire opportunity. This represents a further step in extending the successful ongoing relationship between Isuzu Truck UK and BNP Paribas. BNP Paribas, through its subsidiary CVF, already co-ordinates the financial solutions available to customers through Isuzu Truck Finance, the company’s leasing and hire purchase services for operators of new Isuzu vehicles, achieving a 95% acceptance rate.”

Further information about Isuzu Truck Contract Hire in the UK can be viewed on the company’s website
Tel: 01707 282930


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